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NU Visits Israel

Northwestern University President Morty Shapiro and Provost Daniel Linzer with Rabbi Klein's Birthright Israel group.

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Recent Projects

Meet Rabbi Klein

Rabbi Klein has served as a leader of the Evanston and Northwestern communities for the past 27 years.

Birthright Israel

NU students have joined Rabbi Klein on 25 Birthright trips. Learn why this trip is special!

Sinai Scholars

Join an elite group of students to study some of the most pressing issues facing Judaism today.


Join us for Shabbat Dinner, holiday celebrations, and social events throughout the year.

About Tannenbaum Chabad

The Tannenbaum Chabad House has been a “home away from home” for Jewish students at Northwestern University since Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein arrived on campus in 1985. Like their own homes, Chabad's doors are always open.

Chabad offers students of all affiliations and backgrounds an opportunity to experience the richness of their heritage and make new friends. Centrally located on campus, Chabad is a few minutes walk from nearly everywhere at Northwestern.

"You [are] one of the leaders of the faith-based communities -- and you do such a brilliant job with Chabad...You can see between a range of Hillel, Chabad, and other institutions...they do a brilliant job of meeting the needs for students…we question everything – that’s what you do in higher education, but we also enhance, and that makes us very unusual, as you know, and [Rabbi Klein] is one of the people who deserves the credit for that.”
-Northwestern University President Morty Schapiro
Conversations with the President State of the University Event, April 12, 2012

"Through its numerous successful educational, cultural, social, and religious programs, the Chabad House continues to have a profound impact on the lives of our Jewish students every day...I am thankful for the positive impact that Rabbi Klein and the Tannenbaum Chabad House continue to have on our campus."
-Northwestern University President Emeritus Henry Bienen

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Watch Rabbi Klein’s Invocation Before the United States House of Representatives

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