Shabbat & Daily Services

Each week, Jewish students walk into the Tannenbaum Chabad House to find a spiritual connection, good hospitality, and a home cooked meal.  All meals at Chabad are free of charge.

Shabbat Dinner
Chabad hosts a Shabbat Dinner every Friday night.  Many weeks include special themed Shabbat Dinners, such as Hawaiian Shabbat, Israel Shabbat, Western Shabbat, Mexican Shabbat, Italian Shabbat, and performances by campus a capella groups and comedians such as Aaron Freeman.

Shabbat Lunch
Chabad hosts Shabbat lunch during the school year following services.

Shabbat Services
Friday evening services and Shabbat morning services are offered weekly at Tannenbaum Chabad House.

Daily Services
Daily services are offered at Tannenbaum Chabad House throughout the school year.  Contact <a href=”/contact/”>us</a> for additional information and times.