Speakers & Lectures

As part of an academic community, Tannenbaum Chabad House brings exciting speaks to campus to engage students.  These programs either follow a Shabbat Dinner at Chabad House or are often co-sponsored with other groups on weekdays.  Some recent speakers include:

  • A Guide for the Romantically Perplexed: How Jewish Ideas Can Help You With a Long-Lasting Sex Life
    Lisa AIken, psychologist and author of 13 books on romance, dating, marriage, and women
  • Judaism & The Death Penalty
    Rabbi Shalom Kohn, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Sidney, Austin, Brown, & Wood
  • Anti-Zionism: The Blood-Brother of Anti-Semitism: An Examination of Two Converging Hatred and Its Impact on World Jewry
    Bernie Farber, Executive Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Ontario Region
  • Have We Met the Strategic Objectives of Operation Iraqi Freedom?
    Lt. Elan S. Carr, JAG Officer, United State Army
  • Can an Observant Jew Succeed in Corporate America?
    Mary Bishop, Former President, Leo Burnett Company
  • If You Think Slavery Ended in 1865, Think Again: A Discussion on Darfur
    Francis Bok, an escaped slave from Sudan, and Charles Jacobs, President, American Anti-Slavery Group